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Beer Can Chicken

Beer can chicken


Beer can chicken made with one of our local farm-raised broilers. All I can say is I wish I had a way to transmit the aroma on the internet. (iSmell?) The beer basically steams the meat from the inside while the oven roasts the outside, keeping it moist and juicy, and all the fat drains off below and away from the bird.

Anyway, we raised 50 of these this year. If you are interested (and I know some of you are) here’s the pricing:

5.5 lb whole broilers – $15.95 ea

7.0 lb whole broilers – $19.95 ea

While supplies last, so get clucking!

Call us at 1-603-569-7701 to arrange pickup.

PS: Stay tuned for pork, bacon and ham. (not beer can pork)

Tomato Power

Tomato Plants


06/27/14 – These beauties are Brandywine heirloom variety plants, about 8 weeks old and loving these warm nights we’ve been having lately. The distinctive leaves are a lot like a potato plant. Brandywines are a large tomato, some as large a 1 1/2 lbs each. Great slicing tomato for sandwiches, or if you need an organic doorstop.

Give them another 5 or 6 weeks and we should have some on the farm table for sale. Go tomato power!

Sprouting Seeds – It’s Springtime!

Sprouting Seedlings


March is a pretty exciting time for New England farmers: The seed order arrives, we start digging around for seedling trays and heat lamps. Sprouting seeds kick of the re-greening of the dead brown ground being revealed by the quickly retreating snow banks. Karen has broccoli and kale started already, pushing up first leaves. Last week she planted 4 kinds of tomatoes and 3 kinds of peppers. This week, some of the early flowers and herbs will find their spot out on the seedling starting porch.

Get ready for some great produce this year!

Crops are Loving the Warm Nights and Warmer Days of Summer


It’s funny, we talk to people who drive by all the time and they say: “wow, I didn’t know you grew so much there.” There’s a lot going on out back that can’t be seen tooling by at 6o MPH…

ant on peonie flower

When you slow down and look, there’s an amazing menagerie of life happening all around us.

wide row raised bed gardening

Our daughter Christie took these amazing pictures on her last visit to the farm and we sent her home with a mess of Kale, herbs and such.

bean stalks

She’s got a unique perspective and helps us appreciate even more the bounty that comes from the earth each summer.

Which reminds me.. I better go pick snap peas before they get past me again!

Piper says “Woof!” (translation: “pat me please?”)