Crops are Loving the Warm Nights and Warmer Days of Summer


It’s funny, we talk to people who drive by all the time and they say: “wow, I didn’t know you grew so much there.” There’s a lot going on out back that can’t be seen tooling by at 6o MPH…

ant on peonie flower

When you slow down and look, there’s an amazing menagerie of life happening all around us.

wide row raised bed gardening

Our daughter Christie took these amazing pictures on her last visit to the farm and we sent her home with a mess of Kale, herbs and such.

bean stalks

She’s got a unique perspective and helps us appreciate even more the bounty that comes from the earth each summer.

Which reminds me.. I better go pick snap peas before they get past me again!

Piper says “Woof!” (translation: “pat me please?”)



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