Celery contains antioxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory support

This is our first celery grown here at Mercy Hill Farm. We’re very excited. Here’s why: Celery contains antioxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory support unparalleled by other edible plants, but only if it’s fresh and organically grown.


Find out more about how to buy, store and consume this amazing vegetable here: The World’s Healthiest Foods

Tomato Power

Tomato Plants


06/27/14 – These beauties are Brandywine heirloom variety plants, about 8 weeks old and loving these warm nights we’ve been having lately. The distinctive leaves are a lot like a potato plant. Brandywines are a large tomato, some as large a 1 1/2 lbs each. Great slicing tomato for sandwiches, or if you need an organic doorstop.

Give them another 5 or 6 weeks and we should have some on the farm table for sale. Go tomato power!

Fresh Squeezed Eggs


Don’t forget the farm fresh eggs! It’s a great way to start the day. This is a chive omelet getting ready to power a whole lot of mowing, digging, planting and whatnot around the farm. Yes, those purple thingies are the chive flower buds. Mmm.. Buds. :-D

Tomato seedlings ready to stretch their legs

Tomato Plants


We have four varieties of tomatoes that can’t wait to go in the ground. Unfortunately, they have a few more days of waiting for the last frost danger to pass.

The four varieties this year are:

Estiva – Medium early red fruits

Sungold – Sweet golden cherry variety

Granadero – Plum-type sauce variety

Brandywine – Large, gnarly-looking beefsteak-shaped heirloom variety

So around mid to late July, look for these beauties at our farm stand, while supplies last. :-D

Garlic Plants


Springtime here on the farm, not a lot of things growing in the garden yet. We’ve started tomatoes, peppers and other earlies inside of course, but outside, it’s mostly about the garlic, which gets planted in fall, stays warm under a bed of straw all winter, but look at it now!

Springtime Planting Begins


We’re a wee bit anxious to see green again. How about you?
Today we’re starting our longest season crops indoors; things like bell peppers, jalapeños, bunching onions, broccoli, oregano and sage.

If we can’t have green outside, we’re going to at least have some inside. Looking forward to offering these and many more at our farmstand this summer.

Think green!

Don’t Forget The Farm Fresh Eggs


I know. Winter doesn’t seem to want to end, but the hens don’t care. We have lots of farm fresh eggs for sale. So pit on yer hip boots and come on over! $ 250 a dozen.

Fresh Eggs Are Back


Farm Fresh Eggs Are Back!

Break out the skillet! Farm fresh eggs are back. The baby chicks we brought home in August are laying big bunches of delicious fresh, local eggs.

Bargain Pricing

Right now, many of the eggs we’re getting are medium to large, do we’re only asking $2 a dozen until they get going full steam with large to extra large.

Right now we’re harvesting about 2 dozen a day. If you like, you can call ahead to ask if we have eggs for sale: 603 569 7701.

Bock, Bock!

Why Should You Eat Local Foods?

Fresh Eggs Again Very Soon!


The new hens are nearly ready to lay enough fresh eggs to sell again. We’re collecting nearly two dozen a day now, but they’re still kinda small. It won’t be long now. Look for another announcement and the return of the sign out front by the road saying: “EGGS!”


Footprints In The Snow

The other night I dreamt that I kicked the bucket and went to be with Jesus. As I was floating up into heaven on a cloud, I looked back at the snowy earth below. I noticed some footprints in the snow behind my house. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,other times there were just one set.

This bothered me a little because I noticed that during the coldest winter of my life, when I was lugging armloads of firewood through the snow from the woodshed up to the house, I could only see the one set of footprints.

So when I got up there through the gate, I said to Jesus, “Why, when I needed you most, were you not there for me?”
Jesus said,”I would never leave you Don, I don’t care how cold it gets in New Hampshire. Those times when you saw only one set of footprints, those are the times when I carried you, and all the firewood you dropped.”


Don & Karen Perkins – Local Foodie Farmers in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire