How to Make a Big Sticky Gooey Mess

First you start pulling frames full of honey that the bees have capped out of the bee boxes. This isn’t so bad.


then you start to find some that were not so cleanly separated from the walls once you pulled them out. Lick fingers, wipe on pants.

Then you cut the wax caps from the honeycomb, exposing the honey-filled cells.  Some falls on the floor, you step in it, you track it around the house.

Put the frames in the centrifugical honey flinging device. Turn the handle faster and faster until you and everything in the room is thoroughly coated.

Shower really good and give the frames back to the bees for refilling. mmmm. Honey!



Coming Soon: MercyHill Farm Country Store

There’s still thirty inches of snow covering the growing beds here at the farm, but now that Christmas and New Year’s Eve have passed, we’re hankering for a fresh garden salad!

We’ve decided to raise piglets again this year. They are lots of fun, and great landscapers. Pigs are herd animals, so we’ll raise one for us, and a few others for friends. OINK!

Rustic obelisks will make it easier to grow climbing beans.

The girls have done a fine job keeping us in eggs this winter. People love our fresh eggs!

and in a few months, we will hire on some new gals to bolster our egg production.

Meanwhile, we’re working out the details with our friends: Lakes Region Eat Local to pool together the best local food in one place this summer, making it available to you in a convenient, fun, country atmosphere: Mercy Hill Farm Country Store in Wolfeboro, NH.

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Come on springtime!